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Retreats                                                                   Into the bones

Sacred Plant Medicine

Wachuma, a sacred cactus, also known as the Grandfather, allows us to see and integrate our shadow self in a compassionate and loving way.  $675 per person (includes 2 nights lodging).

Deep Dive With the Grandfather

Our most popular retreat weekend. Guests arrive Friday evening and retrieve a soul retrieval. On Saturday they work with the medicine, and on Sunday have an energetic integration session with Sierra. $1,000 per person (includes 2 nights lodging).

Inner Quest

Four day stay, with one-on-one ceremonies, as well as personal support and mentorship with Sierra. $1,200-2,000 (sliding scale) per stay/per person.

Healing Retreat

Participants select healing modalities that support the intention and healing they desire. Massage, sound bath, ceremony, yoga, Reiki, soul retrieval, Kambo and other options available.    

            Meal options available. Price to be determined based upon number of nights lodging and selected treatments.  

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