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     Students learn the history of Reiki , ethical guidelines, and how to channel the healing energy focusing mainly on oneself. A basic understanding of the human energy field and the chakra system is taught , along with the hand placements for treating self , others , as well as animals. Students receive three attunement to open up their crown, heart, and hand chakra's , and begin their personal Reiki experience. Level one is open to everyone and no prior experience is needed. Many people begin Reiki with the desire for self exploration, personal growth, and development. Some people find they are fulfilled after taking the level one certification course , and others feel moved to go on to Reiki ll . Students must wait three months before attending the Reiki ll class .
All materials are provided as well as lunch.
Cost: $275
VSAC approved


First Degree Reiki

Second Degree Reiki

     The focus of the second degree is learning the Reiki symbols and a deeper understanding of the energy . Students learn how to send Reiki to people, places, events, and situations , from a distance. Students receive three more attunements that expand their energetic flow , and integrate the symbols into their practice . Scanning the human biofield for Byosen and energy field disturbances is demonstrated and practiced .
All materials are provided as well as lunch.

Cost: $375

VSAC approved

Reiki Master practitioner

     This level is for those who have already taken Reiki level one and two , have 6 to 12 months of practice , and want to make a serious commitment to Reiki. This level encourages practitioners to deepen their integration of the Reiki symbols , the Reiki principles so that they may bring the healing power of Reiki , into all aspects of their lives. Students receive one attunement, and the master symbol. There is over 100 hours of home study involved in this class. This includes reading, 20 distance sessions, 20 hands-on sessions, and 20 sessions for self. Students are instructed how to organize a Reiki share and a Reiki clinic. This class meets once a month , for three hours , for six months.

Cost $1500

VSAC approved

Reiki master Teacher

   This level can be combined with the master level of study and is tailored to the student’s individual needs.  The emphasis on the teacher level is on curriculum development and giving accurate, traditional attunements . Students observe and sit in on Reiki level one and two classes with the instructor and promote Reiki within their community.  Students create a business plan and curriculum for all levels, in addition there is a written paper required.   Students receive a final attunement, however, no additional symbols are given at this level.    Participants commit to a minimum six-month long apprenticeship program.

Cost: $5500

VSAC approved

Karuna Reiki Certification

All levels-contact Sierra for more information

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