"My goal is to support and empower the client's inner knowing

and body wisdom as I gently guide them back to wholeness and health."

Sierra McFeeters



      As a small child my great grandmother and father took me out into nature and taught me to love and respect this world. My father taught me that God was in the trees, the wind, the grasses.
     As a young girl I sat with that same great grandmother as she made her way painfully from this world to the next. In this process she taught me to be silent witness, to observe and to allow and feel energy. In this way, she guided and prepared me to be comfortable with transitional and transformational thresholds.
     This path has led me from childbirth educator to midwife to Lightwork Energy Therapy to Reiki and then finally back to my roots as Shamanic practitioner. In 2010 my Abenaki grandmother gave me the great honor of being a pipe carrier. I've traveled to Peru to work with Shaman and was in an Abenaki medicine lodge for over seven yrs. I have apprenticed and been initiated by South American and North American Shaman, and most importantly by life itself. I bring great understanding, compassion and trust to the healing process and individual.