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Light work Integration Therapy

This class is available by request.

Energy work based on the chakra system and wheel of life. Brought by the angelic realm.

     Humanity is facing and an enormous leap in evolution and transformation at this time. The transmutation into , or the awakening of the light body can be an apprehensive and challenging experience. The light body can be described as an energy field that surrounds each individual.

All life continually communicates with everything on his cell to cell level. Light integration enhances the balance and harmony of this interaction, supports the dynamics of inter-connecting energy patterns and exults the physical nature to the fulfillment of it's divine purpose here on earth.

Energy work promotes healing and balancing by encouraging the mental, emotional, and physical bodies to release blockages and patterns that no longer serve the individual and to nourish areas of depletion.

     Through intention, love, compassion, focus, and belief in divine will , the light work practitioner acts as a co-creator and guide to a client, allowing each individual absolute authority over their own journey.

      My intention is to nurture the further development of each student's personal and spiritual transformation, empowerment, and connection . Through an experiential teaching format the entire course is conducted as a personal healing journey.

     This course is useful for those interested in discovering their soul's purpose and who want to assist others in finding theirs . This modality is based on the chakra system, emotion , body system , and phase in life that corresponds to said chakra.

The course is a nine week program , that meets for three hours a week. There is homework and practice required.


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