Shamanic Apprenticeship Program YEAR II

The Year of the Raven

In the first year of the Shamanic Apprenticeship Training, students created a solid foundation for their shamanic work by developing a strong relationship to Earth, Helping Spirits, Power Animals, Elemental Teachers and Allies, and most importantly, Self.


In year two, the Raven is the guide-Raven symbolizes Magic, Creation, and Shapeshifting. Students will gently lift programming and patterns to reveal the true nature and essence of Self. From this foundation, reality will be dreamed and co-created with Spirit. John Perkins said “The World is as we Dream it”. The focus in year two is for personal integration of all aspects of self – diving deep in the in-between places and shadowy areas to acknowledge, embrace, and integrate.


We will also explore the Magic – with gratitude, and honor the beauty within, around, above, below. From self-knowledge and aligned with Magic, create the Life from empowered awareness  and clarity that sustains, feeds the soul, heart and physical being.

Key Points of the Year:

  • Dismantling the false identity

  • Walking in Beauty

  • Shamanic self-care and wellbeing in a Hurting World

  • Releasing the ties that bind us

  • Healing the wounds that bind us

  • Recapitulation – reclaiming energetic integrity

  • Clearing away resistance w/Coyote Medicine

  • Addressing Empathy

  • Ethics and Boundaries

  • Advanced Elemental Teachings

  • Embracing Grief as Teacher

  • Unleashing Creativity

  • Releasing Hucha (vibrational density)

  • Addressing Ancestral Patterns and Epigenetic programming

  • Moose walk of the North

  • Holding the vision > destiny retrieval

  • The relationship of Responsibility > self, community, world and holding people accountable

  • Initiated vs. uninitiated  behavior/Energy integrity – Toltec and Japanese tradition

  • Diving into the unknown with Bear as Guide/ Dream Journal

  • Pipe Teachings

  • Eagle Visioning the future/ 4 day vision quest w/inipi

  • Various field trips to collect medicine/Sacred Well/Sweat Lodge


  • The class will meet a guaranteed 110 hours.

  • The cost is $4500, and is VSAC approved.

  • Prerequisite – Shamanic Apprenticeship Year One