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Starting January 27th at 4 pm thru Sunday the 29th

Sacred Service to Others

A 12-month program designed to strengthen connection to the Earth the helping spirits and inner essence, so one can walk the Shaman's path in all of life. 

In this second year of the Shamanic Apprenticeship Training, students will enhance their shamanic work by developing a strong relationship to Earth, Helping Spirits, Power Animals, Elemental Teachers and Allies,
and most importantly, Self.

Topics Covered



     This is an integrative program requiring dedicated and focused participation , thus potential students will be screened to assure readiness and willingness for this level of study. 

Reading, homework, and materials gathered from nature are required. Students will need a frame drum. Students use this program for self discovery and growth, and as a strong foundation for starting a Shamanic practice.

Certification is awarded following completion of full program.
This will be held at a beautiful retreat center in Woodbury, VT.


Call or message me to set up interview .

Registration and deposit are required.

Class size is limited to six students to ensure individualized attention.

Cost: Payment plan of $4500

VSAC Approved

Call 802-279-0945 to register.

Starting January 28th at 4 pm thru Sunday the 30th.


Introduction to Shamanism
Traditional practice vs. modern
Shamanic journey to non-ordinary reality realms
Establish working relationships with teachers 

and power animals in these realms 
Soul retrieval - Mayan and North American
Herbal lore and wisdom
Working with plant and stone people

Creating a sacred Mesa 

Journey work w/ Elemental energies
Drum and sound work
Shedding the skins of limitations
Reading energy bodies
Grounding to Pachamama and Tata Inti
The healing use of baths and clay
Carnation and egg healing/limpia 
Field trips to the sacred springs 

Medicine collecting 
Night sit
Visiting the death house
Navigating grief

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