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Into The Bones


You are not dead yet. It is not too late
To open your depths by plunging into them
And drink in the life
That reveals itself quietly there.


By Rilke

2023 Dates to be Determined

For all people, gender inclusive.

Into the bones...... is an initiatory experience for all people, who are feeling longing for something just out of reach, or are hearing the whisper of their soul calling them home. For those intending to walk in the richness, the fierceness, the wildness of their true nature. For those willing to face the demons, and shadowy aspects of themselves, or simply, the parts they haven’t met yet. For those willing to navigate through the layers of false identity and untruth that once protected, but have now become like a skin that’s too tight, limiting, constricting, soul killing. Many times this type of soul sickness shows up as depression, anxiety, isolation, or a general feeling of emptiness.

With the assistance of nature, divination, fire ceremony, grief work, journey work, pattern release, bones, journaling, sound, storytelling, soul retrieval, and each other, we will create a sacred container to unravel, gently, deliberately, the ancestral patterns, wounds, belief systems, soul contracts, stories, that keep us separated, fragmented, traumatized. The lies, the betrayals, stories that our families, society, and ourselves have placed upon us will be released as a precious offering, and in return, we are allowed entry into the richness, of the core of our bones. The sweet marrow, where our spirit dwells. 

This will be held in the sacred space of Indigenous Roots. It’s a safe container and sanctuary that bears witness, lovingly and gently. There are trails, so please bring sturdy footing.

I will be accompanied by graduates, who are trusted and skillful shamanic practitioners.

Registration is required for this event.
Please private message me, email: or call 802-279-0945

Some on-site lodging options are available, and other options will be sent upon registration.
Food will be simple, wholesome, organic, alive, and local wherever possible.
Cost for the event is $525.

There is a deposit of $100 required. Up to 10 spots may be available, determined by the current Covid-19 restrictions and rules.

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